Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catching Up

Okay, I want to follow up on the old posts and document how some of those projects and readings have gone.

First off, my story Cold Snap did sell, but then Pitch-Black Books folded. Luckily the project was picked up by Carnifex Press. The artwork is done. Major revisions are done and I am just praying that Armand at Carnifex will still publish the story. He was extremely critical and unsympathetic to the character.

The revision process was very illuminating. Most of the edits were very good and I realized that I had started the story in the wrong place, since so much of it was a flashback. So I restructured the whole thing. It still feels a bit choppy, like a middle draft again, but at some point you just have to shrug and send it. A deadline is a deadline.

I have not returned to On the Black Wings of Night yet. The redline is still sitting there. I know I want to expand it to 80k words and at least submit it to Leisure books. That is my October project. Of course, August is almost over and The Zombie King story is not edited....

Demons of the Neverwoods, my long dreamt of fantasy novel is languishing at 30k. I plan to resume work on it in the new year with the goal of 100k by my birthday in March.

Here is the writing plan for the foreseeable future:
August - finish The Zombie King and Mr. Cook
September - edit my star-crossed horror novel On the Black Wings of Night
October - continue editing and prepare for Nanowrimo. My anniversary is on Halloween =)
November - National Novel Writing Month. This will be my second year. I have no idea what the new novel will be but, I am looking forward to it.
December - pretty much do what I want, including finishing the Hobbit game on the PS2, lots of WoW and good holiday cheer.
2008 - the year of the Neverwoods.
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