Friday, October 05, 2007

Escape Pod 126

This week's Escape Pod was the story The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma by Nick Dichario and Mike Resnick.

Mike Resnick is one of my favorites, going back to his novel Santiago. Apparently these guys have an anthology of all the stories they've written together. I will have to look into that.

This story was an enjoyable tale of a pretty plain, boring guy who develops a romance with a "mech" robot "girl." There was a lot going on here, almost a reverse Pygmilion, as their relationship and her level 4 intellect help transform him into a shiny new guy. The sex was well handled and I appreciate the commitment to mature subject matter at Escape Pod.

My basic question though is why guy's always have to cheat? Each individual instance seems to have explanations, but it is getting a little boring to me to have every man in every relationship (at least it seems to me) be unfaithful. Sure it seems like male nature, but as a story-telling device... *yawn*

Nevertheless this was a fun science fiction story with an adult twist.
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