Wednesday, November 30, 2011


With 90 minutes to spare I finished the body of the novel, which came in at 50, 150 words or something like that. The final count includes some extras which will be incorporated into the next draft.

The biggest change I made from last year was to start at the beginning and mostly work my way forward through the story. The result needs work, but it is a complete story, not just a patchwork. I feel really strongly about it. It may be my most accessible novel yet.

The end came out really happy with everybody rocking. I just felt that way this year. There is so much angst in the story that it was a relief to just have things resolve in a big fanciful rock and roll love fest. Demons and amazons, oh my!

So, after many months of dreaming a few hours of planning, and 30 days of literary abandon, Amazon Blade, a super-powered rock and roll romance, is born.
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