Monday, December 10, 2007

Escape Pod 135

EP135: Stu by Bruce McAllister
This was a very tightly written science fiction story about a youngster, who grows up during the tale, and his father's friend, a scientist working for the US Navy. Great dialog and use of themes from cancer, mirroring the Navies ownership of all the scientist's innovations, to the misuses of technology for warfare. There was a lot of complex emotion in this story, without getting maudlin.

I could have listened for another hour and it would have been interesting to have the tale unfold, but I understand that the point was really the relationship of these two men, as unlikely as it would seem and how we can create miracles if we work at it and remain unafraid to dream. Whether a scientist or a writer, we can change things for the better and bring wonder to the lives of our fellow humans.

A great, understated story and another fine episode of Escape Pod. Steve's reading was excellent as well.
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