Monday, December 03, 2007

Escape Pod 134 and Other Notes

EP134: Me and My Shadow by Mike Resnick

I really enjoy Mike Resnick's stories and novels. Santiago is one of my SF faves. This story was quite interesting. He has a very quirky, natural voice with the first person and it included what I think of as a Resnick trademark, a conversation with a computer. His novel The Dark Lady had many such information searches. I think the computer here must be an early model of the Snark 3000. =) About half way through I got really into the story and forgot it was Resnick. That's a good thing. THere were a couple of things that nagged at me, though. First, he dropped his wallet but never picked it up. Wouldn't the cops come looking for a guy who's wallet is found next to a brutalized mugger? Second, the idea that he could call the doctor from his home and not worry about being traced seems a little quaint. This felt more like an idea story and though the character reacts and changes, I did not care a whole lot about him. Still a fun listening experience.

Secondly.... the new agenda. I wasn't supposed to have an agenda for December, but Lo and Behold, I still feel like working on fiction. Cauldron of Shadows is still haunting me and I think I will edit it soon. First I want to finish THE SCAR by China Mieville. I am also working through two writing books, ON WRITING HORROR by the Horror Writers of America and SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS by Renni Browne and Dave King. I'm taking notes, not just reading them for fun. Still I am mostly taking it easy, playing WoW and relaxing.

Bottom Line: I am NOT just going to let these buggers (my novels) sit and collect dust. If they suck, they will be un-sucked, if they get rejected I will keep trying until they find a home.
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