Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Seventh Son: The trilogy concludes

Tuesday morning, I listened to the final chapter of JC Hutchins amazing podcast trilogy, Seventh Son.

I started listening to Seventh Son after hearing the promos in Scott Sigler's podcast novels, coming in toward the end of book one, Descent. What a great ride it's been. Congratulations to JC for writing such an awesome story. I wish him all the luck in the world with his career. I will certainly buy anything he gets published.

For the uninitiated, Seventh Son begins with the president of the US being assassinated by a three year old boy. How is this possible? That would be telling...

Soon after we meet seven men, clones, who are genetically identical, but have led very different lives. They are brought together by an ultra-secret government project, to try and stop the man they were cloned from, John Smith, also called John Alpha. I can't even begin to pass on the excitement and intensity of the story that follows. It is the equal to anything I've read by Crichton or King. It's a modern thriller with a big dose of science fiction. The characters are vivid and memorable and the action sequences are brilliant.

I will miss the excitement of having a new episode show up on my iPod. This was one of the casts I always listened to right away.

Bravo, Hutch. Thanks for the thrill-ride.
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