Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Big Nanowrimo Night

It's been a good damned day. Got to play Savage Worlds with some of my favorite gamers during the day at the Sacramento Area Gaming Enthusiasts meetup.

Then tonight I had a 4000 word writing session, lasting just over 3 hours. Blammo! Now I am only a day behind in my average word count, with a total of a hair over 20,000 words. Almost half way there. Now, this isn't deathless prose by any means. I am a big proponent of getting the ideas on the page, so I just dump a bunch of roughly formed clay onto empty pages of Scrivener. I wouldn't show this crap to my worst enemy, but at least its there.

I wasn't really enthusiastic about the next chapter when I began the night, so I skipped ahead to the first big battle, put on Seven Kingdoms and let it rip. I just love their newest album, and it was perfect for the epic battle of knights vs. zombies that I wanted to created. Now I'm psyching up to write the big romance scene tomorrow. Mmm boobies.

Not sure how it will all work out, but I have no patience with forcing myself to write transition scenes or really anything. I figure, if its a chore to me, a reader surely won't find it interesting. If there is boring shit that needs to be communicated, I either need to liven it up, or slip it in to some cooler scene. Anyway, it was a great night, even if the image is still lumpy and misshapen.
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