Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Way...

Great day for writing. Reached the halfway point, after being a couple of days behind for a while. I was home sick today and spent a lot of time sleeping/dreaming about the characters and events to come. That sort of thing is essential to my process, as I write mainly to set up and create the scenes I've imagined in my head.

The big romantic plot is now established. The last piece I wrote was the main character's proposal to his lover, the prostitute Celestina. I'm pretty pleased with it. Celestina is a bit two-dimensional, a hooker with a heart of gold. But there's time to fix that. Severo, the main character, is more interesting than I first thought he'd be and that is a good thing. He's kind of an ass at first, but he's a kid with a huge religious and military responsibility. It's only after his powers are gone and he's faced with spending the rest of his life as a monk that he gets more interesting.

All good. Now the hammer falls and I start breaking down everything I've built, and Severo goes to the dark side. Muhahahahahaha.
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