Friday, September 07, 2007

Brain Raid

Today I did a double dip, listening to Escape Pod -and- reading a story: Brain Raid by Alexander Jablokov from the Feb issue of F&SF. Still behind, but I only have one piece left in that issue.

Brain Raid was an intriguing story about a guy who works for a firm that hunts down rogue AI's. In this future, there are even grades of AI. The biggest firms hunt the A and B rank AI's while lesser firms handle the weaker ones. The methods of designating AI's was pretty cute and the dynamics between the characters were interesting. I think I could read a novel set in this world.

Jablokov did a good job of sweeping us right into his world of professional jargon and near-future tech. Lots of conflict and a caper-ish plot kept my interest throughout.
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