Monday, September 24, 2007

Escape Pod 124

Friday's Escape Pod was "Save Me Plz" by David Barr Kirtley.

Kirtley's wrote one of my favorite Realms of Fantasy stories, "Blood of Virgins" and I was thrilled when that one was picked up by Escape Pod.

"Save Me Plz" is a riff on life with a video game addict. There was a lot here that rang true, since me and my whole family basically are WoW players, though I have managed to limit my addiction to Friday nights.... mostly.

The thing I enjoyed most about this story was the way it kept unfolding and revealing layers of meaning and turns in the plot. Sure there are always going to be questions and places where the explanations run thin in a story that starts so small and becomes so epic. But, for the most part, the gaming issues rang true and the relationship was realistic. Mur's reading was excellent. I think her gaming background helped her make some really good choices for emphasis and emotion.

I really enjoyed this story. A+
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