Friday, September 28, 2007

Escape Pod 125

This weeks Escape Pod was End Game by Nancy Kress. It's one of the first EP's in a long time that left me a bit cold. It was clever and well written, but I just didn't really care for any of the characters.

It started out with an off note, from my point of view, by describing human experience as static. I understand what the character was getting at, but I think the metaphor is shallow and inaccurate when it comes down to it. Consciousness only ever holds one thing before its "eye" at a time. Sure there may be a gazillion things going off and tangents and lines everywhere, but only one thing is ever the focus at any one instant. And I'm not talking about people who can do many things at once by reflex and training. The character clearly talks about the jumble of things in his mind and makes it sound as if it is so abundant that it becomes static. Again, I understand the experience, I just dont agree with how it is represented.

Anyway, I have enjoyed Ms. Kress's previous stories and I have one of her books on writing that is very helpful. This one just ain't my fave.
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