Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Buildup

Last night I completed a penultimate action sequence with zombies and sorcery. It was quite fun and ended with frustration for both the heroes and villains. Bernardo the paladin of Pyrothion is turning out to be the big hero, though Lorallee the witch is also doing good things. My villains are truly vile and disgusting. Writing them has been a lot of fun.

I basically ended as the ragtag group of survivors gathered together to go out and confront the hags and their "son" the gray knave. After two nights of attacks and torment, it is clear to them that they have to strike before they lose even more of their numbers. So tonight and probably tomorrow night, I will be working on the final battle scene, killing almost everyone off and having a blast at it.

Thursday will be for Denoument and having a little party with Mechelle when I finish, if she is still awake. It will be cool to finish a day early this year.

I have a lot of reading lined up and it definitely feels like a heavy reading December coming on. I have books by China Mieville, Steven Erikson and Guy Kay. What a list! I am sure I will learn some things and have a great time reading these books.
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