Thursday, November 15, 2007

Throne of Jade

I am stoked today because I picked up the second novel in Naomi Novik's fantasy series. I get them from The reader is excellent and just listening to the first chapter reminded me of all the reasons I love the first book, His Majesty's Dragon. The depth of feeling between Lawrence and Temeraire is just amazing. It's like a wish fulfillment for a perfect friend and companion. Just love it.

I am hooked on Fortress Draconis now, too, though, so I think I will alternate during my commute, until I catch up with Stackpole and have to start waiting a week between each installment of FD.

My short fiction mags are stacking way up, but I can't let it get to me. THere are so many good novels to read. I also just started Guy Gavriel Kay's A Song for Arbonne and I want to get some reading on that done this weekend. I love his books, though they are quite intimidating as a writer.

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