Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Battle

Last night I wrote the final battle sequence of Cauldron of Shadows. Surprisingly, I was kind of nervous about it. I had a good idea what would happen, but putting it down on paper is a different thing than just thinking about it. IN the end, I kind of jumped around a lot, rather than sticking with one point of view. We'll see how it works. The whole novel kind of spirals in from big sections about specific characters to the end where it is bouncing back and forth with the action.

However, there is a final battle in real life as well. The last 5000 words. Basically I want to write the wrap up, where at least one more character will be killed and then I need to write a few fill-in scenes I thought up after their point in the novel had already passed. No problemo? Yeah, that's what I said at 40k. I just want to be done at this point. That's not to say I won't enjoy writing the last few thousand words, just that the end is so near I can taste it!
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