Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reading and Writing Update

I ran a D&D game based on the characters and setting for my nano novel this last weekend. It was a blast, though it ended up running slightly too long. But it gave me some good ideas for things to have the characters do in the novel.

The writing is a bit behind right now. I guess you could say I am in the week 2 blues, but its really more about my own state of mind than any problem coming up with ideas or anything.

Also, I started listening to another podcast novel, Michael A Stackpole's Fortress Draconis. It is quite enjoyable.

I get the feeling that Seventh Son is almost done. New episode today that just rocked, though I am always sad when one of the clones dies. Let's hope it was just a cliff-hanger.

Now.... where did I leave my muse?
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